Fashion doll Set, Cute Scooter Bike, With helmet and Hair Comb

AED 69

Doll-charmer cyclist on velobayke glamorous - an excellent game for the acquisition of joint walks in the fresh air! Doll chic long hair that can be combed, do all kinds of styling and trendy hairstyles. Removable dress easily cleaned by washing delicate. Thanks to the joints in the knees and elbows, doll can take various postures and positions.

AED 69

Every girl has a favorite doll. Cute and sweet Sairy Style from a well-known trade mark Defa will certainly become a participant of all socially-role games of your crumbs.

AED 54

Fashionable Style
Exquisite Accessories
Pursuing Excellence
Show Infinite Lamour

AED 59

Who's that ringing the doorbell? You'd better go check and see! Swing open the doors of the You & Me Family Doll House Playset, and welcome your new make-believe family inside. With three levels of play and a maximized floor plan, there are plenty of things to do in this doll house.

AED 99