No more throwing out the extra fruit! Freeze it and turn it into a healthy frozen dessert. The Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker makes your favorite fruits into a soft serve frozen dessert in seconds! Peel, cut and freeze the fruits- insert them, a delicious and healthy dessert is served! Use only with ingredients you consider best for you and your family.

AED 99
Cotton Candy Maker Cotton Candy Maker
-10 % OFF

Make candy floss at home, fun and exciting to make, make an healthy and tasty snack to share.

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Home Plastic Candy Machine Mini Gumball Machine Party Favors, candy dispenser machine gumball machine Storage Box

AED 35

Easily make healthy and delicious frozen treats,Set of 6 vibrant colors, comes with matching lids

AED 44

The Baby Bullet has all the power and convenience of the Original Magic Bullet, but now you don't have to make baby's food where you make your margaritas and salsa. With the all NEW baby blend blade you can make and store fresh, healthy, delicious foods that are perfect for EVERY stage of development, saving on time and money vs store-bought baby food!

AED 119

Popcorn made by hot air circulation-less calories, A healthy and tasty snack for the whole family. Cook popcorn  without oil.

AED 109

Make candy floss at home, fun and exciting to make, make an healthy and tasty snack to share.

AED 114
Frozen Fruit Yogurt and Ice Cream Maker Frozen Fruit Yogurt and Ice Cream Maker
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Bring home this frozen fruit yogurt and ice cream maker which works perfectly with frozen bananas. It is easy to operate, makes fat free and dairy free ice cream. It works great with other frozen fruits, chocolates and nuts as well. You must know that this product has absolutely dishwasher safe components. Plus, it is BPA free. Made with best in quality material, it is sure to last with you for years to come and will give you a good value for money.

AED 99 AED 99